Our Services

CCTV System

At Standard Safety Solutions we strive to provide all our customers with a hassle free experience of sourcing & installing a CCTV system. This is why we put together all available resources and customers will only need to have one point of contact when it comes to any enquires or after-sales services. To ensure quality and consistent workmanship, all our projects are handled by our in-house installation team who possess much experience and technical know-how. We keep a high stock quantity for common products so that we can response promptly to customer's requirements. Our products are assembled and serviced locally to cut down on waiting time when any repair is required.

Types of cctv we offer

  • Analog Camera
  • IP Camera

Fire Alarms

We provide a range of technically advanced solutions from stand-alone smoke detectors, right through to fully functional addressable fire alarm systems. All our products including detectors, remote terminals, fire panels, sounders and beacons are highly dependable, conforming to the highest standards set by the fire and security industry.


Services We Offer in Fire Alarms:-

  • Addressable and Conventional Systems

Access Control Systems

In current scenario where security requirements are becoming stringent. Standard Safety Solutions Access controllers provides reliable, robust access control and identification systems to meet modern security needs which helps the organization to restrict the entry of un authorized users in the premises for the security of the employees and the infrastructure; by granting /denying access according to the predefined rules. We Provide Access control Solutions for all the organizations in all sectors like Banking, government, IT, Hospitality, education small/ large companies, etc

Type Access Control Systems We Offer

  • Card Reader
  • Finger Print Reader

PA Systems

Standard Safety Solutions P.A. systems combine the very latest technology in amplifiers, microphones and speakers to bring this ideal audio environment to modern public spaces. With these equipment so carefully designed, it looks as good as it sounds.
This unbeatable combination of auditory and visible quality make you better than ever, whatever your application is.

Fire Protection System

The Scope of Services we provide in Engineering Projects is full-fledged and extremely Value added realistic solutions in both technically and economically.


    • Fire Hydrant System
    • Sprinkler System

Home Security Systems

Standard safety solutions Video Door Phone series is easy-to-use with user-friendly interface and minimal installation. It is ideal for property owners who require a video door phone for easy visitor management and door access.


Our Services

  • Fire Alarm System
  • CCTV System
  • P.A System
  • Access Control System
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Video Door Phone